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Reopening Plans

Reopening Plans
June 17, 2021

Dear Auburn Animal Center Clients,

The time has come! We are excited to announce we will allow 1 masked adult in the hospital for appointments with the doctors starting Monday, July 5th 2021. The only instance where 2 masked adults will be allowed into the building is for euthanasia. Curbside appointments will still be available for those who would feel more comfortable with this protocol.

Here is what to expect:

When you arrive for your appointment please call and speak with a receptionist to check in. Do not leave a voicemail, please make sure you have spoken with someone. Our lobby is closed until further notice and we will not have a public restroom available. You will be asked to wait in your car until a staff member calls you to meet them at the door.

Depending on if you are doing a curbside or in-hospital appointment:

*In-Hospital Appointment: Our technician will call you and have you meet them at the door with your pet and you will be immediately taken to an exam room. You must remain in the exam room for the entire time you are in the building unless being escorted in and out of the hospital. Please remember that you must be wearing a mask to enter the building whether you are fully vaccinated or not. We have staff here who are immunocompromised and cannot medically be vaccinated. If you are unable to wear a mask, we are happy to provide you with a curbside appointment. If your pet needs to have a blood draw or treatments done, the pet will be taken out of the exam room and into the treatment area. This will prevent crowding in our already small exam rooms and protect the staff who are unable to be vaccinated. If your pet is staying for diagnostic testing you will be asked to return to your car so the exam room can be utilized for others who are waiting.

*Check out: This process will occur in the exam room. Clients will receive their medication, schedule rechecks, and be checked out by reception in the rooms once the appointment is completed. Please be patient as we do not have computers in our exam rooms so reception may need to go back and forth to the front desk.

*Curbside Appointment: Our technician will call you and meet you at the front door to bring your pet into the building. They will take a full history and gather any questions that you might have for the doctor. The doctor will then call you to discuss exam findings and recommendations for treatment.

*Check out: For curbside appointments we will be checking out clients over the phone or meeting you at the front door depending on method of payment. Once you are checked out, we will have you meet us at the door for your pet and medication.


These will continue to be handled curbside and we ask that you kindly call when you reach our parking lot.

We ask for your patience and kindness as we work through these new changes. Rooms need to be sterilized in between appointments and this puts even more work on the staff. We are hoping for a smooth transition.

If you have any questions regarding this protocol please call the hospital at 207-784-2000 or email us at